Re-Roofing Sydney Wide

Action Roofing are re-roofing specialist and can assist you in choosing the roof tile or metal roof profile to suit your existing roof.

Tiles remain the most popular form of roofing material in developed countries today, and with good reason. Natural thermal and structural properties underpin the enduring success of Australia’s two main varieties of Terracotta and Concrete.

When a tile roof deteriorates it is best to re-roof with a new Terracotta or Concrete tile to retain all the looks and natural properties they provide along with the technological advantages that the modern tile provide.

In the case of Asbestos roofs we may suggest re-roofing with metal roofing as the frames and trusses would not have the strength to take tiles.

Tile Re Roofing examples:

Asbestos Re-Roofing example:

Our Process below ensures that interuption to your house and lifestyle are kept to a minimum so that you can remain living in your house.

  1. Roof is check measured and inspected for frame damage twisting and separation of timbers and termites
  2. All materials delivered to site
  3. Safety rail is installed in accordance with OH & S
  4. Only one section of roof will be removed & recovered the same day to insure no bad weather interference
  5. Old roof is removed either directly into a bin below or passed down & packed
  6. All old materials will be recycled enviro friendly
  7. Valleys will now be installed
  8. Heavy duty sarking is then layed
  9. A set out of all new battens will be layed according to rafter spans and the type of roof being layed
  10. Batterns are then all levelled and nailed securely
  11. Then the roof is installed square according to the perimeter of the building allowing maximum coverage
  12. Tiles are nailed and metal is screwed
  13. Then all ridging is layed
  14. Then a clean up of all loose debris and rubbish will be removed
  15. Safety rail will then be removed
  16. A final inspection will be carried and then handed over to the customer

Asbestos Roofing is carried out the same way but the tradesmen will be suited up with protective clothing and face masks

And all asbestos will be sealed in plastic and taken away to the correct location.

All work is carried out to the Australian Standard code practice.