Duane K – Woollahra

Dear Paul,

We would like to thank you and Peter for the roof repairs you have completed on our home which was to our thorough satisfaction.

As you know we had major problems getting roofing companies, who stated that they were ‘roofing repair professionals’ to actually come to our home to view firstly the problem we were concerned about and secondly actually providing us with a quote in a timely manner, without a lot of excuses and interpretations about what they thought we wanted! Not only did Peter always turn up on time, but the price of the job was very competitive and the work was carried out in a manner which was more than anyone undertaking renovations could ask for. His advice and explanations about the process and options available was always easy to understand and made the decision about what to do much easier. In the end we decided on your company because of the utmost professionalism and courtesy extended to us at all times and for the sympathy you extended to us when we raised our concerns about our roofing problem. The solution was easy and carried out with a minimum of fuss.

My advice to anyone else looking for roof repair quotes, don’t waste your time running around looking for quotes, only use ‘action roofing’.

Once again, thank you for the wonderful experience of dealing with a truly professional company that actually gets back to you and assists you throughout the whole process.

Yours sincerely,
Duane K

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