Weep Holes

Weep Holes

There are many reasons why concrete and Terracotta roofs leak, and today we are looking at weep holes and the resulting leaks.

Weep holes are made in the lowest point in the base of the tile.

We use weep holes to allow water to escape from behind the bedding and pointing of the ridge cap. Water back-logging occurs if there are no weep holes, and the water rises up toward the highest point and then into your roof resulting in staining of ceilings etc.

All ridge tiles on concrete roofs need to have weep holes.

Terracotta tiles need weep holes when the top course under the ridge cap has been cut short to fit neatly and have full coverage under the ridge cap. A full length terracotta tile that is layed under the ridge cap will not require weep holes as a full terracotta tile has a water course at the top edge to prevent it from pooling back.

Here at Action Roofing we ensure all our work is of a high quality, and we definitely make sure weep holes are present in all work we do.