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roof ventilator maestro powered

Fully manufactured in Australia, the low voltage Maestro power ventilator is one of the most energy efficient and powerful products of its type available. The design of the throat and dome of the ventilator helps to speed and facilitate air exhaust by limiting back pressure on the fan and motor.

On a relatively calm day, Maestro removes hot, humid air from roof spaces at an exhaust rate equivalent to about four domestic wind turbines. When tested according to Australian standard, 4740:2000, the low voltage Maestro recorded a flow rate of 472 m³ / hr at zero stack height. The exhaust rate of all power vents should only be compared under the conditions of the Australian standard.


roof ventilato supavent turbine

Supavent has the following product advantages.

  • The technology leader. Sturdy polycarbonate construction, vertical vanes and permanently lubricated bearings ensure long life and efficient performance.
  • Attractive design. Its smooth aerodynamic profile complements almost any home.
  • Performs in light breezes. The vertical vane design provides SupaVent with a superior starting torque in light breezes.
  • Won’t rust or corrode. The UV resistant polycarbonate won’t chip, crack or corrode. Unlike some metal vents, rust is never a problem.


roof ventilator windmaster

Windmasters unique features and benefits include:

  • Dual bottom bearing system: Windmaster uses two precision steel bearings located in a patented bottom bearing assembly. This ensures smooth and quiet operation.
  • Replaceble bearings: Windmaster is the first domestic vent where the bearings can be easily replaced by the homeowner.
  • Dome reinforced against hail: The life of a ventilator can be lessened if the dynamic balance of the product is upset by hail damage. Windmaster has a special reinforced dome designed to provide extra resistance against hail.


roof ventilator superwhirly

SuperWhirly extracts super heated attic air enabling it to be replaced by fresh air through ceiling registers or eave vents. Roof space temperatures can be reduced from 60°C to 45°C, in turn reducing the amount of heat radiating into the home.

Lower energy bills. Ducted energy bills. Ducted air conditioning systems operate far more efficiently with roof space ventilation.

Less roof space moisture. Up to 12 litres of moisture per day is drawn into roof spaces from shower and kitchen fans. This can cause mould and mildew.


solabrite plus

SolaBrite is the Natural way to brighten dark rooms – Natural Light, the Natural Way.

It allows natural light to enter through a roof mounted, high impact acrylic dome. Flexible foil tubing in conjunction with upper and lower reflector rings carries the light to a prismatic diffuser. Natural light appears from the ceiling diffuser giving a similar effect to that of a powered light.

Tubular skylights are a cost effective and energy efficient means of using natural light to brighten any room in yout home. They are economical to install and introduce less heat than conventional square or rectangular skylights.



solabrite plus mood picture

Solabrite Plus 350mm, 400mm and 500mm

Tubular skylights are a cost effective and energy efficient means of using natural light to brighten any room in yout home. They are economical to install and introduce less heat than conventional square or rectangular skylights.

SolaBrite Plus is a tubular skylight that can also help ventilate your home. Ventilation is entirely controllable and can be closed in winter.

Features Of Solabrite Plus

  • Available in three throat sizes (350mm, 400mm and 500mm) to suit any sized room.
  • High impact acrylic roof dome with insect proof vent tabs.
  • Two high grade, stainless steel reflectors within the throat to maximise the capture of the sun’s rays.
  • Two metres of high quality, flexible, reflective foil tubing manufactured for long life.
  • A ceiling diffuser that can be raised to enable warm ceiling air to ventilate to atmosphere and eliminate condensation build up within the unit.
  • A choice of soaker trays to suit tile, metal or custom orb profile roofs are available and can be powercoated to match most metal roof colours.

Installation Hints:

solabrite plusThe 350mm and 400mm units are ideal for areas such as walk-in-robes, kitchens and modest family rooms. The 500mm tube suits lounge rooms and extended passageways. To achieve an even spread of light in large rectangular rooms, 2 x 400mm units are the preferred option rather that a single 500mm unit.

Both the 350mm and 400mm units fit between roof timbers and can be fitted by a competent handyperson. The 500mm unit may require professional installation if roof timbers are spaced at less that 520mm centres.

The dome should preferably face due North to capture maximum light in winter.

The flexible tubing works best when fixed in a straight line but can be offset to reach difficult areas. Any bending of the tube will reduce the proportion of reflected light.

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