Roof Restoration Glenhaven


Action Roofing provides roof restoration in Glenhaven, Go to the Contact Us to get in touch with us for your roof restoration.

Roof restorations are available in all areas the we service, go to the Areas Serviced for Roof Restorations page to find other areas we provide Roof Repair and Roof Restoration.

We do roof restorations on terracotta roof tiles and cement roof tiles.

When restoring Terracotta and Cement Tiles we:

  • Replace All broken and chipped tiles.
  • Pressure clean your roof, including gutters wall and pathways.
  • Re-bed all ridges and gables where necessary.
  • Total re-point with flexible pointing.
  • All valleys will be either kill-rusted or replaced.
  • Air blown clean with a final inspection before spraying.
  • A steriliser is applied with a anti-fungicide to ensure any re-growth is inhibited.
  • A Dulux solvent based water proof sealer is applied.
  • Two coats of Dulux protective roof membrane is applied to create a thick glossy roof.
  • A range of 36 colors are available. click here for the colour chart